California Car Crash Victim Thanks Heroic Patrick Dempsey

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April 30, 2012 | 2:16pm EST

A California teen has publicly thanked Patrick Dempsey for pulling him from a car wreck last week, insisting he wouldn’t be alive without the actor’s help.
The Grey’s Anatomy star, who plays top neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd on the hit medical drama, turned real-life hero last Tuesday after witnessing Weston Masset’s Mustang flip three times and crash into the front yard of his Malibu home.
Dempsey rushed outside with a crow bar and fire extinguisher in a bid to free the 17 year old from the mangled vehicle and he later called the paramedics and the teen’s mom to inform her of the accident.
And now the young motorist, who escaped with only a concussion and an eye injury, has gone public with his story to properly thank Dempsey for his life-saving actions.
During a TV appearance on breakfast show Good Morning America on Monday, Masset said, “I’m just really happy that he was there for me, things could have gone a lot worse if he didn’t save me as soon as he did.”