Cameron Fears Hurricane Affecting Oil Spill Clean-up

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June 8, 2010 | 9:57am EST

Avatar director James Cameron is growing increasingly concerned over the impending hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico – because it could have a catastrophic effect on the oil spill clean-up efforts.
The moviemaker was among the first celebrities to offer help after a BP rig off the southern coast ruptured, sparking one of the worst environmental disasters in the country’s history.
He offered the use of his deep water exploration teams and equipment, but now fears the progress that is being made to stop the oil gushing into the ocean will be ruined if a storm hits the region.
A ship anchored nearby is helping siphon off the leaking fluid, but it would have to move inshore if a hurricane strikes – and powerful winds would also whip the oil into the air.
Cameron tells Larry King, “Day 49 (of the spill), you know, that’s horrific as it is and as much oil as we see pouring out of this thing everyday. We have to understand that is not as bad as it could get… If that ship (which is helping siphon the oil) has to move, because it’s in the track of a hurricane for safety reasons… We’ve seen that thing (leak) going full throttle, roaring, you know, venting into the sea. It’s going to just go back to that for, you know, eight or 10 days until they can get back on stage and then get it back down there… If you got oil coming up to the surface, the hurricane atomises the surface, picks it up in the wind, and drives it in land. Yes, you’ll have traces of oil in your precipitation.”