Cameron’s Oil Call To Canada

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October 1, 2010 | 7:35am EST

Director James Cameron has urged Canadians to pave the way for a greener environment by preserving the country’s precious oil reserves.
The Avatar moviemaker toured the oil sands in Alberta this week (begs 27Sep10) and spoke out during his trip to call on officials in Canada to manage their “great gift” with care.

The sands contain the world’s second largest reserves of crude, and Cameron has warned it could become a “curse” if it’s not properly managed.

He says, “It can also be a great gift to Canada and to Alberta if it is managed properly… It is impossible to imagine a refining process that did not have negative environmental impacts. It would have to be some kind of Immaculate Conception… Personally I believe that this is an incredible resource and I certainly understand why everybody is stampeding toward it with this desire to exploit it as rapidly as possible because it’s the single largest reserve of potential crude oil next to Saudi Arabia.

“And in an energy starved future, that’s going to… put Canada in a different position. The world is looking at what you here in Alberta do, and the decisions that are made here are really going to shape the energy policy of the future. The world is going to look to Canada for leadership.”