Cancer-stricken Douglas Refuses To Feel Sorry For Himself

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September 12, 2010 | 9:10pm EST

Michael Douglas is refusing to sink into lows about his own mortality as he battles cancer – because he believes doctors when they tell him he has a good chance of fully recovering.
The movie star was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer this summer and is currently undergoing intensive treatment in a bid to beat the killer disease.

And in one of his final interviews before taking private time to concentrate on the health battle ahead, Douglas has asked fans not to feel sorry for him – because he’s a fighter.

He tells USA Today, “I like my odds. I’m not dealing with mortality issues until they tell me, ‘Oops, we have to go back and do surgery’, or something like that. The tumor is shrinking. The odds are good… I haven’t found God yet.

“I was really upset early on, but I’ve had time to realize that (stuff) happens.”

But Douglas admits his bad days are already terrible and he has taken to drinking aloe-infused water to ease the pain in his throat from radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

He adds, “I have the treatments in the morning. They tend to kind of knock me out till usually the early afternoon. I lie down and take it easy.”

And he is making sure his young kids with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones are well aware of what dad’s going through – by occasionally taking them to hospital with him.

He explains, “They’ve been fine. I’ve taken them down to the hospital and shown them the whole radiology thing. They’ve watched me actually get zapped.

“I don’t know what else you would do. It’s what it is.”