Carey’s Brother-in-law Arrested

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March 10, 2011 | 11:30am EST

Mariah Carey’s brother-in-law Gabriel Cannon has been detained by police in California on suspicion of assault and robbery.
Cannon, brother of Carey’s husband Nick, was detained in Studio City, California on Wednesday along with an unnamed associate for allegedly attacking a father and son and attempting to steal video camera equipment.

The alleged victims, Alejo Moreno and his father Alex, are said to work in reality TV.

Alejo tells KCBS Los Angeles, “My dad goes around the front and he sees them taking our cameras out through the front. They took both of our cameras, the ones we work with every day.”

Alex Moreno adds, “They robbed us and beat us. They were all in the building. They tried taking our jewelry, they took my platinum cross, they tried ripping my watch off, our diamond earrings.”

Cannon, who appeared opposite his brother in 2006 movie Even Money, was in custody on Wednesday night, but further details were not available as WENN went to press.