Cartwright Feels Forgotten By Ageist Hollywood

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August 7, 2011 | 9:40pm EST

Alien and Witches Of Eastwick star Veronica Cartwright is disappointed by ageism in Hollywood, insisting Susan Sarandon gets all the good parts for mature actresses.
The 62 year old, who has been acting since she was nine, admits she’s struggling to land decent film and TV roles because a select group of actresses, headed by Sarandon, are going for everything she’d like to be considered for.

Cartwright tells WENN, “There is a group of women that get all of the roles and it just doesn’t seem fair when Susan Sarandon gets everything – and now she’s willing to do TV. I want to get offered those parts.”

But Cartwright feels her fortunes may be turning, thanks to a pivotal role as a terminal cancer patient in new thriller InSight and interest from Quentin Tarantino.

She explains, “I recently met Q coming back from England and we had a long talk and I told him I’d love to work with him. I heard that he made it mandatory for the cast and crew on Grindhouse to watch Macon County Line and my husband (the late Richard Compton) directed that… I thought, ‘This is my intro into Tarantino’. I mean, this guy knew every movie that Richard had done.

“We were on this flight and he was on his knees talking to me. It was so cool… I introduced myself and he said, ‘Oh, I loved The Invasion of the Body Snatchers!’ He didn’t know that I had been married to Richard.”