Casey Kasem To Be Buried In Norway

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August 15, 2014 | 3:56am EST

Casey Kasem’s wife Jean has chosen to bury the late broadcaster in Oslo, Norway.
The DJ passed away in June, and two months after his death, Jean, who was given control of the star’s remains over his children, has opted to fly his body from Montreal, Canada to Norway.
News of Kasem’s final burial site was first reported in Norwegian newspaper VG, and a private investigator for Casey’s daughter, Kerri Kasem, confirmed the report to The Hollywood Reporter.
In the Norwegian article, government official Wenche Madsen Eriksson was quoted as saying, “It is arranged. He’s going to Oslo,” but no further details about Kasem’s final resting place have been revealed.
Casey died at a hospital in Tacoma, Washington. After Kerri and her siblings claimed the body had gone missing, it emerged that his remains had been taken from Tacoma and flown to Montreal, just a day before Kerri obtained a court order in a bid to stop her father’s body being moved.
A spokesperson for Kerri tells The Hollywood Reporter that she, along with her family, have no clue why Jean is moving their father to Norway.
The rep says, “We don’t know what Jean Kasem’s plans are. We just know that she wants to keep Casey away from his family and friends and by the looks of it, hiding from law enforcement.”
Kerri’s brother Mike Kasem, adds, “There is no connection my dad has with Norway. I don’t know if Jean has any ties to Oslo. She certainly has never mentioned it in the last 35 years. Check the exhumation laws there; sounds like a possibility that is the reason she will bury him there.
“My dad deserves to be buried where he specifically asked to be buried: Forest Lawn (in Los Angeles). Everyone keeps asking for motives as to why Jean acts how she acts. I don’t have an answer.”