Casey Kasem’s Daughter Wins Battle To Withhold Medication, Food And Fluids From Her Sick Dad

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June 11, 2014 | 9:41pm EST

The daughter of beloved broadcaster Casey Kasem has been granted permission to withhold medication, food and fluids from her ailing father as he faces death.
Superior Court Judge Daniel Murphy determined that giving Kasem food and fluids would be harmful and cause more pain for the 82-year-old former radio personality on Wednesday, five days after his daughter Kerri initially implemented the end-of-life measures.
On Monday, Murphy ordered the reinstatement of feeding and other care while a court-appointed attorney consulted with Casey Kasem and doctors. He reversed the ruling on Wednesday.
Kasem, who is battling dementia, is in a critical condition in a Washington state hospital, where he has been receiving treatment for bedsores and various infections since the beginning of the month.
His daughter Kerri had him admitted to St. Anthony Hospital over fears for his declining health, shortly after she was appointed his official caretaker following a bitter legal battle with her stepmother, Jean, who stormed out of court on Wednesday after the latest ruling was announced.
Outside court she told reporters, “It’s wrong, the courts are wrong,” adding that everyone involved, including Judge Murphy “has blood on their hands”.
Jean Kasem stated, “This is purely about vengeance and money.”
Kasem’s wife and his kids from a previous marriage, including Kerri, have been at odds over the radio legend’s care for months with the siblings accusing Jean of refusing to let them visit their dad.
She has accused them of only being interested in their father’s $2 million life insurance policy.