Charlie Sheen Confirms His Twin Boys Are OK As Mom Seeks Rehab Help

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August 9, 2019 | 6:54pm EST

Charlie Sheen has broken his silence following news of his ex-wife’s latest rehab stint, insisting the former couple’s twins are “fine”.
Brooke Mueller has voluntarily entered a treatment facility once again to seek help for substance abuse after New York Post editors released new footage which appeared to show the reality TV star taking crystal meth in a van.
Sheen has now confirmed his twin boys, Bob and Max, are being cared for by their grandparents, while mom is away from home.
He tells The Blast, “Brooke is currently tucked away, (yet again!) for the umpteen billionth time, seeking the help she needs.
“Between myself, and the boys’ two amazing sets of grandparents, we continue to seamlessly love, shelter and protect Bob and Max from the haphazard choices and unsightly behavior their mom refuses to extinguish once and for all.”
He adds, “These wonderful boys need their mom. And hopefully one day soon, they will finally have one. Until then, on every front we got this.”
Sheen, who divorced Mueller in 2011, celebrated one year of sobriety in December.