Charlotte Church’s Terminally Ill Stepfather Given Months To Live

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October 10, 2019 | 3:55am EST

Charlotte Church’s stepfather is suffering from a rare terminal illness which may mean he has just months to live.
The 33-year-old reveals in her new Channel 4 documentary Charlotte Church: My Family And Me, set to air on 17 October, that her stepdad James, 53, suffers from Amyloid light-chain (AL) amyloidosis – an illness which leads to the bone marrow making abnormal antibodies that can’t be broken down.
Speaking about the prospect of losing her stepfather, an emotional Charlotte said: “It’s absolutely terrifying the idea of not having him around. I rely on him for so much, he’s my buddy, my absolute best friend and has been for years.”
Discussing his condition himself, James admitted “time is not on my side” as he explained: “The disease I have is very rare, only one in eight million people have it. It’s called AL amyloidosis. The worst scenario is I could only have six months, so I’m in a horrible position.”
While the illness is not curable, James is undergoing chemotherapy to help him manage the symptoms, and is currently on his third round of the treatment.
“It’s just horrendous that he’s got it at this age, he’s still a relatively young man. But he will fight this for as long as he can,” Charlotte continued. “He’s got it quite advanced in his heart because he wasn’t diagnosed for quite a long time, it’s not great.
“If you look at the survival rates, 50 per cent of patients who start chemotherapy die in the first six months. So he is massively fighting for his life right now, basically.”
Charlotte has never really known her biological father and was adopted by stepdad James, who is married to her mother Maria Cooper, in 1999.