Chenoweth’s Suffered Broadway Diarrhea

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June 25, 2010 | 1:40pm EST

Kristin Chenoweth is terrified every time she steps onstage after she was struck with diarrhea during a Broadway performance.

The actress was playing Glinda in Wicked when her stomach dropped during an airborne scene.

She recalls, “I’m Like (singing) ‘Elphie… oooh crap’… literally. And I thought, ‘I’ll just run offstage. I ran offstage and one of the flying monkeys was standing there just minding his own business and I was like ‘Get me out of my dress! Get me out of my dress! Get me out!’ He said I turned into somebody he’d never seen before.

“I ripped off that dress, did my thing, went right back out onstage and hit the same pose.”