Cher Calls For Boycott Of U.S. Retailer Over Rising Gun Sales

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December 19, 2012 | 9:01pm EST

Superstar Cher has called on her fans to boycott a major retailer over its controversial gun sales following the Connecticut elementary school massacre last week.
The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which allows Americans to bear arms, has been called into question following the horrific killings of 20 children and six adults by suspected gunman Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Liberal politicians are now calling for an overhaul of firearm laws to make it harder for people to buy semi-automatic assault weapons, but shockingly, sales of guns have risen dramatically since the tragedy, with leading retailer Walmart reportedly running out of stock in five states.
Now singer and Democratic Party supporter Cher has urged her followers not to shop at the store over its policy to continue selling firearms in the wake of the school massacre.
In a series of posts, she writes, “Everyone Should Boycott Wall Mart (sic)! They R (sic) Biggest Seller Of Guns In U.s ! Pick Up Milk, pick Up Bullets. Shop (rival retailer) Target.
“Every1 (sic) Says How Terrible They Feel About Murder Of Little Children & Wish They Could Honor Them.this Is Something U (sic) Can Do!boycott Wall Mart. Please Lovelies let us come together in strength ! Everyone You Can! The Guns they sell kill people!
“Milk, Bread, Socks, weapons That Can Kill, Cottage Cheese, xmas Dinner & Bullets! Those Children Will Have No Xmas!”