Cher Crying Over Dying Godmother

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December 12, 2011 | 2:15pm EST

Pop superstar Cher is in tears after visiting her dying god mother in hospital.
The Believe hitmaker has revealed a close family member, who worked as a performer with the USO (United Service Organizations) during World War Two, is seriously ill and she’s facing her final days.

In a series of posts, Cher writes, “Hi ! Had good & sad wknd (weekend)! Hiked & went to hospital because my Good (sic) mother is dying! She hadn’t spoken… I walked in grabbed her foot & she said what r u (sic) doing here? it was on! We laughed. We Told hysterical stories, she sang 4 songs, + my favorite! She had been SHEET WHIT (white)! With in hrs (within hours) she was rosy! I’ll miss her! I loved her.

“She wont (sic) (get better), told me ‘Cher I did it all! I’m ok w/ (with) this’ she was great singer In ww2 USO all over pacific”.