Cher Overcomes Costume Crisis To Kick Off Tour

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March 23, 2014 | 10:28am EST

Pop superstar Cher overcame a crisis in the costume department to kick off her tour in Phoenix, Arizona as scheduled on Saturday night.
The 67-year-old singer has hit the road for her Dressed To Kill trek, which is slated to be her last ever tour, but she was left battling a number of problems ahead of the launch.
Cher was still undergoing costume fittings just hours before showtime and she burst into tears when she realized her clothes and shoes didn’t fit properly, while she also had problems with her wigs and only finalized her choreography on Friday.
In a series of posts on, she wrote, “B4 (before) showtime I was being fitted 4 (for) costumes! Shoe man is punk, No boots, shoes! Learned new choreog (choreography) yesterday. New wigs 2Nite (tonight)! Killed ourselves… No costumes, no shoes, no monologue, hrs (hours) of fittings, nothing fit… right b4 (before) show I was making notes & crying. It wasn’t smooth, but it was fun… Very proud of my crew!… It was miracle… Everything was so last min (minute).Some wigs weren’t perfect, but some just needed change. Never had costumes on till 2nite (tonight).”
Cher also admits her performance was far from perfect, adding, “I made a new mistake about every 4 min (minutes)… you know… like my fkng (sic) iphone.”
The Believe hitmaker was left heartbroken during preparations for the tour when her longtime costume designer, Bob Mackie, stepped down from his role due to other commitments.