Chewbacca Star Stopped By Airport Security Over Light Saber Cane

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June 10, 2013 | 2:12pm EST

Star Wars actor Peter Mayhew was stopped by airport security in Denver, Colorado recently after they attempted to ban him from taking his light saber-style cane onboard a plane.
The star, who portrayed Chewbacca in the sci-fi film franchise, was heading home to Texas after attending the Denver Comic Con last week when he was halted by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials.
Taking to to vent his frustration, he wrote, “(TSA) won’t allow me through the airport with me (my) cane!”
However, 69-year-old Mayhew – who stands at a towering seven feet, three inches (2.2 metres) tall – managed to talk the security guards round and was eventually given a pass to keep his unique walking aid.
Updating fans, he later added, “after I tweeted they gave it back… Giant man need giant cane.. small cane snap like toothpick…. besides.. my light saber cane is just cool.. I would miss it”.