Chris Brown’s Mom Defends Controversial Costume

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November 2, 2012 | 5:11am EST

Chris Brown’s mom has defended the singer after he sparked a backlash by dressing up as a gun-toting Arab fighter for Halloween.
The singer made a shocking entrance when he and a group of friends turned up to Rihanna’s fancy dress party in Hollywood on Wednesday wearing terrorist-inspired outfits, including bushy beards, turbans, and fake machine guns.
The Don’t Wake Me Up hitmaker posted a photo of himself and his pals in their militia costumes on with the caption, “Ain’t nobody f**king wit (with) my clique!”
But several followers were infuriated by the stunt, with one user tweeting, “Who dresses up as a terrorist for Halloween?!” and another writing, “Chris Brown thought it’d be cool to go as a ‘terrorist’ for Halloween. It’s not.”
Now his mom Joyce Hawkins has waded into the debate to stand up for her son, urging the star to disregard the criticism.
She tweeted, “Halloween is for fun, nothing more than just fun. Get a life please… So does this mean when we dress our kids as Satan we glorifying him or (is) it just out of fun?… Keep smiling angel.”