Christina Applegate Conquers Sleeping Problems With The Help Of Experts

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April 18, 2017 | 6:54pm EST

Actress Christina Applegate is finally getting a good night’s sleep after years of insomnia.
The Anchorman star turned to sleep awareness program Why So Awake for tips and the online service was so invaluable to her she’s now a paid spokesperson for the initiative, which offers help and advice for those struggling with sleep issues.
“There’s different types of insomnia; there’s the one where you can’t fall asleep and then there’s the one that I suffer from, which is, like, I can fall asleep right away and then I’m up at two in the morning and four in the morning and six in the morning,” Christina tells Access Hollywood Live.
“When you’re a parent, it’s not really conducive to being a non-grumpy person, but once I joined this campaign and started to learn about all the things I was doing wrong, it really, really helped.”
One thing that really helped was changing the light on her cell phone from blue to a warmer color at night.
“There are two levels of the brain; there’s the awake brain and the sleep brain, and the blue light on your phone, your Kindle… will stimulate your awake brain, and then all of of a sudden your body goes, ‘Oh, I’m supposed to be awake…,’ she explains. “At 6pm my warm light comes on and it stays on until 7am.”
And Christina knows this is a big aid to insomniacs, because she recently messed up the settings and wondered why her sleep issues had returned.
“The last couple of months I’ve been having this sleep problem again…,” she told the news show. “I looked at my phone this morning and I had it set wrong. It was set from 6am to 7am, so my blue light has been on this whole time.”
The actress also pays attention to the temperature in her bedroom and watches what she eats and drinks before she goes to bed: “It’s also about the temperature of your room, keeping it about 68 (degrees)… and you don’t wanna drink too much before you go to bed or eat too much,” she adds.