Church Apologizes For Royal Remarks

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January 8, 2011 | 9:30am EST

Charlotte Church is “deeply sorry” for her derogatory remarks about Britain’s monarch Queen Elizabeth II in a recent interview – insisting she can’t even remember making the comments.
The former classical singer revealed in a recent chat with U.K. men’s magazine Esquire that she “felt sorry” for the royal because she is an old woman who has “no idea what’s going on”.

She added that she had met the U.K. ruler on several occasions, and the 84 year old had never remembered her.

The comments hit the headlines in her native Britain this month, and Church has now decided to apologize – but insists she didn’t expect the publication to “sensationalise” her remarks.

In a statement, she says, “I am deeply sorry if my comments about Her Majesty the Queen caused offense.

“I am honored to have met her and have an enormous amount of respect for her and what she does. After seeing those words in print, I realized how foolish I was to make such flippant remarks to a journalist.

“I find it difficult to remember even making them. My only defense is that I never expected a respected publication to sensationalise my words out of context like this.”