Clint Eastwood Put Beyonce’s A Star Is Born On Hold To Make Jersey Boys

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June 16, 2014 | 9:41pm EST

Clint Eastwood put plans to direct Beyonce in the remake of A Star Is Born on hold to get behind the camera for new film Jersey Boys.
The veteran actor/director tells WENN he was “entertaining” starting work on the revamp of Frederic March’s 1937 movie when the adaptation of the hit Broadway Frankie Valli musical became available to him.
He explains, “When this came along I went to the head of the studio who had passed on it. I asked, ‘Why would you pass on that? It is a popular play and it’s still running, so there must be something there’. And finally he called me asking if I would entertain doing it because they were coming back into it. He said, ‘Would you do this and set the other one aside?’
“I said I would because, at the time, this was a lot more ready to go than the other project, which is still not completed satisfactorily to me, writing-wise.”
And theater fans felt Eastwood had clearly made the right choice: “I got a standing ovation for actually going to the men’s room when I was at the Broadway show. That’s probably the first and last time that’ll ever happen!”