Clooney Caught Up In ‘rocket Attack’ In Latest Sudan Mission

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March 14, 2012 | 3:26pm EST

George Clooney risked life and limb during his research trip to war-torn South Sudan last week – he found himself in the middle of a “rocket attack”.
The Hollywood star jetted to the African nation to witness its hunger crisis first hand and gather information before addressing members of Congress at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday.

The fight over natural resources has turned increasingly violent in the past year since South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in January, 2011, and many residents of the new nation have been forced to seek refuge in the Nuba Mountains to avoid Sudanese attacks on civilians.

And Clooney was caught up in the violence when a village he was visiting was targeted in an unprovoked air attack.

In an interview on breakfast show Good Morning America on Wednesday, the actor said, “We wanted to get on the ground to see for ourselves and film for ourselves what was going on. We got a little closer than we thought we were going to. We got in the middle of a rocket attack and we got to a village which was hit a few hours before.”

Elaborating on the scary incident during an appearance on the Today show, he added, “It (the trip) was hairy. There were moments of danger… We went there with cameras. We have first hand evidence… We showed up in one village and there were 150 people who had come out, cheering for us… And then all of a sudden, everyone just started running. (The rocket attack was) about a kilometre away, the first one. It was close enough to feel it, close enough to wake you up.”

The actor was also shown an unexploded bomb from the previous day’s attack.

He explained, “We sort of walked into it (the bomb). He (his local guide) was pointing in the direction (of the bomb) and said, ‘Do you want to see an unexploded bomb?’ and I thought it was further away and he just pulls this bush back and there was a bomb! And you’re kind of like, ‘Well, there’s a bomb’.”

Clooney is hoping to persuade politicians to get more involved in the Sudanese conflict and end the potential of civil war.