Coldplay Star Kisses Spider-Man On Saturday Night Live

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May 4, 2014 | 9:25am EST

Top Brits Andrew Garfield and Chris Martin shared a passionate clinch as part of a TV Spider-Man skit on Saturday night.
Saturday Night Live host Garfield and Coldplay frontman Martin, the show’s musical guest, locked lips as the singer attempted to show the actor and his real-life and movie girlfriend Emma Stone how to kiss as they prepared for a fictional Spider-Man scene.
Excited Stone puckered up for the test smooch and mocked surprise and disappointment when Martin demonstrated with her boyfriend instead of her.
The rocker even donned a blonde wig as he held Garfield in his arms and said, “Now you listen to me, you beautiful spidery man, with great power comes great responsibility and our responsibility right now is to make sweet, sweet love. So why don’t you go ahead and show me that beautiful tongue.”
As the actor resisted, Martin said, “Come on, come to papa!”
The actress also appeared at the top of the show, joining Garfield for his monologue on his SNL debut, offering her beau some hosting advice.
The Brit showed off his comedy skills on the show by portraying a camera-hogging Justin Timberlake in an ‘all-star’ version of game show Family Feud and a man on the run from “The Beygency” for criticising Beyonce at a dinner party in a skit that also featured 24 co-stars Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub.
Sutherland revealed his Jack Bauer character was also on the run after having a tattoo of Rihanna inked on his chest.