Collins Declined Prostitute Offer

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September 15, 2010 | 11:55am EST

Rocker Phil Collins cringed when he was recognized by a prostitute in Amsterdam, Holland – she was such a huge fan, she offered him her services for free.
The former Genesis star was in the city to perform a concert with the band when he decided to take a stroll through the infamous red light district during a night out.

Collins was taken aback when one hooker realized who he was and asked him to join her for free sex – but he swiftly turned down the offer.

He says, “We were on tour with Genesis. Just after a meal we were walking down the red light district back to the hotel and a very attractive woman rushed out. She said, ‘Phil, come in, come in, for you no charge!’ I thought ‘Of all the times to get recognized and you can’t do anything about it.’ All the perks but none of the advantages!”