Combs Furious After Supafest Snub

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April 10, 2012 | 11:21am EST

Rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has been left fuming after his first Australian gigs were axed.
The hip-hop star was booked to play his first shows Down Under as part of the upcoming urban music festival Supafest, which will stop in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane from 14 to 22 April.

However, organisers have dropped Combs and fellow headliner Missy Elliott from the line-up after declining ticket sales and he has taken to his page to vent his frustration.

He tweeted, “I wanna come to Supafest but it’s not up to me. The promoters never sent the money for the show, I love you guys! I’m mad as f**k… Australia I’m very upset that the promoters that contracted me to come never fufilled (sic) the damn contract! My bags are pack (sic)… My 1st ever Australian tour is going to be cancelled because the promoters did not fufill the contract! Crazy!!!”

Combs is now urging his Aussie fans to launch a campaign calling for him to appear at Supafest, which is set to go ahead with R&B singer Chris Brown as the main headlining act.

He writes, “If anyone knows the promoters call them or tweet them and ask them ‘What the f**k!!!’ Tell them y’all want me to come! I’m ready!” and in a message to organisers, he adds, “Stop playin (sic) around and come thru (through) with what y’all agreed to in the contract!!! Don’t cheat the people! Give em what da (they) want!”