Comedian Williams Arrested

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June 13, 2011 | 2:30pm EST

Comedian Katt Williams is in trouble with the law after he was involved in an altercation with a tractor driver on Saturday afternoon.
The Norbit star, who was staying at a property in Palmdale, California, was arrested by police after reportedly looking on as three women allegedly began attacking a man working on the grounds of the home and hitting him with rocks.

The tractor driver, whose identity has not been released, suffered injuries to his face and called his wife to pick him up.

But he claims Williams attempted to stop him from leaving after the funnyman parked his Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) across the driveway, blocking the exit.

Cops from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene and took the three women into custody on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, while Williams was booked on a felony for intimidating a witness, according to

Williams was freed hours later on $50,000 bail.