Conor Oberst Drops Lawsuit Against Sexual Assault Accuser

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July 21, 2014 | 6:55pm EST

Indie rocker Conor Oberst has dropped his libel lawsuit against a fan who accused him of sexually assaulting her.
Joanie Faircloth issued a statement last week, confessing she made up lies about an encounter with the Bright Eyes star to get attention.
She made the remarks anonymously in a comment section on XOJane in December, prompting Oberst to identify her and then sue her for libel.
On Friday, he dismissed his suit without prejudice.
In a statement released the day after Faircloth confessed to making up the story, Oberst wrote, “This has been extremely difficult and stressful for me personally and for those I love. I’m appreciative of the family, friends, fans and business partners who supported me throughout this and look forward to happier times as we all move forward with our lives.”