Cooper & Helms Caught Up In Volcanic Ash Travel Chaos

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May 28, 2011 | 9:30am EST

Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms faced a race against time to arrive in Britain to promote The Hangover: Part Ii this week after a volcanic ash cloud disrupted their travel plans.
The duo’s new movie opened this month and the stars were in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday night for the European premiere.

They were due in England on Thursday to carry on promotional duties, and almost missed their slot on The Graham Norton Show due to flight chaos in Germany, stemming from a volcanic eruption in Iceland.

But the stars were determined to make the interview and told Norton of their mission to get to the U.K. for the talk show, which aired in Britain on Friday night.

Cooper says, “We were in Berlin today. We just got here.”

Helms adds, “We’ve been on a mad dash, fighting the volcano. I cannot be beaten. But clearly mother nature did not want us here.”