Cops Probe $45,000 Beyonce Tickets Fraud

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February 28, 2014 | 11:19am EST

Police in the U.K. have launched an investigation into a batch of fake tickets for Beyonce’s shows in Manchester, England this month amid fears almost $45,000 was fleeced from her fans.
The Crazy in Love hitmaker played two concerts in the city this week but following the gigs, local authorities are probing a potential con involving nearly 300 tickets for the shows.
It is believed crooks sold more than 140 sets of fake passes worth $160 per ticket, and most were sold in pairs, generating a total profit of $45,000.
Victims were unaware they had been conned until they arrived at the venue for the show only to be informed their tickets were counterfeit.
A spokesman for British Transport Police, which is investigating the fraud, says, “It seems that someone has been selling fake tickets to concert goers who only realize the tickets aren’t genuine when they get to the venue. We believe there have been more than 140 sets of fake tickets sold, though only seven victims have come forward so far…
“I am, therefore, appealing to anyone who has been sold fake tickets, but has not yet spoken to police, to come forward.”