Corbett Sent To Rehab Over Depression Fears

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March 5, 2012 | 3:56am EST

Veteran British funnyman Ronnie Corbett was so lethargic following his hospitalisation earlier this year, doctors sent him to a rehab center amid fears he was suffering “depression or anxiety”.
The star collapsed during a New Year’s Day dinner as he celebrated his inclusion on Queen Elizabeth II’s Honors list.

Corbett had been suffering blood pressure issues following knee surgery and was eventually released after spending five days in hospital, but the 81 year old failed to return to his normal self when he returned home, and medics sent him to The Priory clinic for a check-up.

He tells Britain’s Daily Mail, “The knee operation was the start of feeling fragile. The general anesthetic they give you for the two-hour operation can take it out of you at my age. Then, by the time they have added something for lowering blood pressure and something for this or that, after a certain amount of time you become over-medicated.

“My GP thought I was suffering from depression or anxiety. He wanted an expert opinion, so he said: ‘I’m sending you to a very nice man who knows all the medication you’re on.'”

Corbett agreed to the expert consultation and was relieved when he was told he was not suffering from depression.

He adds, “After 10 minutes of chat, the psychiatrist said: ‘I’ve got a feeling you should be sitting where I am’.”