Cory Monteith’s Estranged Father Never Said Goodbye

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October 10, 2013 | 8:40pm EST

Cory Monteith’s estranged father is still trying to come to terms with his son’s untimely death, because a rift in their relationship didn’t give him their opportunity for a proper goodbye.
The Glee star died from a heroin and alcohol overdose in July and his mother, Ann McGregor, decided to cremate her son’s body – without the consent of her ex-husband, Joe Monteith, who she divorced in 1989.
In a new interview with People magazine, Joe reveals that he was not allowed to see Cory’s body before it was cremated, and thus he never got the chance to give his tragic son the farewell he wanted.
He admits, “It’s just ripping my insides out and tearing me apart.”
The father and son had a strained relationship ever since Ann and Joe divorced. In fact, the last time Cory met his dad was in 2011, ending an 11-year estrangement.
Joe tells People that he talked with his son about his new-found fame on Glee, his girlfriend Lea Michele, and his struggles with drug addiction.
During their chat, Joe recalls his son making him a promise: “He said, ‘I wont go there ever again. I’m enjoying myself.'”
Joe adds, “I lost my son. He should have known not to touch that drug again. I don’t want to see any parent lose a child over heroin.”
Joe’s interview with People was published online just hours before Monteith’s Glee tribute episode aired in America on Thursday night.