Courteney Cox Keen To Show More Boobs On Revamped Show

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January 8, 2013 | 5:56pm EST

Former Friends star Courteney Cox is luring TV viewers to her revamped show Cougar Town with the promise of more flesh.
The actress’ weekly comedy has moved from mainstream primetime TV to cable in America and she’s determined to make the most of the relaxed rules regarding what she can do.
She says, “I was actually wearing my shirts lower because I felt like now I’m on cable I should just show more boobs… I don’t think there’s rules for cleavage, really (on cable).
“I’m newly married on the show and I thought, ‘She needs to keep her marriage alive, and try.’ And I thought, ‘This might work out for me.'”
But she insists her character’s sexy new look isn’t something that crew members on the show appreciate.
She explains, “When you wear low-cut tops enough, the crew is like, ‘Oh God, we have to see those again?’ They like new breasts.”