Cyndi Lauper Stung By Bee Onstage At Los Angeles Concert

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July 16, 2019 | 3:55am EST

Cyndi Lauper didn’t miss a beat while pulling out a bee stinger from her foot during a performance in Los Angeles on Friday.
The barefooted pop icon was in the middle of belting out her hit She Bop at the Hollywood Bowl when she stepped on a bee, but, ever the professional, Lauper managed to finish the tune before sitting down on the stage and pulling the stinger from her foot.
Cyndi made light of the unusual insect injury later in the concert, laughing, “I’m tough, but really? That had to freaking happen?!” she exclaimed. “The guy (bee) is dead over there, but he died killing me… My God, it’s just one of those weeks, you know.”
She later shared video footage of the incident with fans on Instagram, writing in the video caption: “I messed with the danger zone and I GOT STUNG! Maybe the nuns were right after all.”
Cyndi performed two dates at the fabled Los Angeles venue with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.