Cyrus Planning Friendly Gathering For 18th Birthday

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November 18, 2010 | 11:25am EST

Miley Cyrus has no plans for a big celebration to mark her upcoming 18th birthday – she just wants to spend the day “hanging out” with her friends and family.
The former Hannah Montana star will reach the milestone on 23 November and wants to make sure she sees all of her loved ones on the big day.

The American Music Awards (AMAs) will take place just two days beforehand and the singer/actress admits she’s glad the ceremony fell on that date because it means all her famous friends will be in Los Angeles to help celebrate her birthday.

She tells E! Online, “For my birthday this year, I’m just gonna have everyone that I really love be able to hang out. I don’t always get to see everyone so it’s kind of cool that the AMAs are happening, so everyone will actually be in town for my birthday, which will be pretty cool.”