Cyrus Vows Revenge On Prank Caller Bieber

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June 7, 2010 | 11:19pm EST

Miley Cyrus was furious with fellow teen star Justin Bieber after he flooded her phone with prank calls during her trip to London.
The Hannah Montana star lost her temper after the 16 year old repeatedly phoned her in the middle of the night – and now she has vowed to get even with the Baby hitmaker.
She tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, “He prank called me, not realising the time difference yesterday, at like three o’clock in the morning. I was about to kill! He kept ringing!
“I was yelling because I thought it was someone that got my number; my number gets out. So I changed my number and he kept pranking me.
“I really did believe it was a kid or something so I was like, ‘I can’t really yell ’cause I think it’s a kid but I’m not really sure.’
“Finally, I was like (shouting), ‘It’s three o’clock in the morning!’ He was like, ‘Ha ha ha ha, it’s Bieber. Call me back.’ I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to hurt this kid.’ My little sister loves him, but I’m going to kill him.”