Dame Judi Dench: ‘I Mooned At Harvey Weinstein Over Lunch’

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January 3, 2014 | 2:12pm EST

Actress Dame Judi Dench has confirmed reports she once bared her bum at a lunch with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein – and revealed a fake tattoo of his name.
The great Brit, who has often credited the producer for her film career after the success of Mrs. Brown, reveals she thought it would be fun to honor Weinstein with a cheeky salute.
She tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I once said to him, ‘I have your named tattooed on my bum’. He laughed and was well, quite embarrassed, actually. It’s quite difficult to embarrass Harvey, but I did!
“And then, we went out to lunch, to the Four Seasons… Beforehand, I got my make-up lady to actually write Harvey’s name. Then I brought it up at lunch and said, ‘You know, I do have it on my bum’, and then I actually got up and showed him!
“I’ve never seen a man more embarrassed and I’ve never let him forget it.”
And now the story has been confirmed, Dench, who also stars in Weinstein’s latest project Philomena, is prepared to have her bum tattooed for real.
She adds, “Perhaps I should have it done and really shock him!”
Last year, Dench brought her James Bond character M back from the dead to help Weinstein win a ratings battle in America over Philomena – she filmed a short video, urging censors at the Motion Picture Association of America to relax their stance on the film after slapping a restrictive R rating on the project.