Danson To Become A Grandad On His Birthday

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September 28, 2011 | 2:15pm EST

Actor Ted Danson is expecting an extra special birthday present this year – he’s set to become a grandfather on the day he turns 64.
The former Cheers star has revealed his first grandchild, a girl, is due on 29 December, but he’s secretly hoping the baby will arrive on a different day – because he’s convinced no child wants to share their birthday with a grandparent.

Appearing on talk show Live with Regis & Kelly on Wednesday, the actor says, “(The baby’s due at the) end of the year. It’s actually due on my birthday, so we’re praying it’ll be later. What a bore for her.

“I’m so excited, and that’s one of the joys of doing (new TV show) CSI at home in Los Angeles; I get to be there and not have to call from Bainbridge, Alaska, saying, ‘How are the kids?'”

Danson, who failed to identify which of his kids is expecting, is stepfather to his wife Mary Steenburgen’s two children; he also has two daughters, Kate and Alexis Danson, from his second marriage to Cassandra Coates.