David Beckham Donates Soccer Salary To Charity

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January 31, 2013 | 2:21pm EST

Soccer superstar-turned-model David Beckham has pledged to donate his entire salary from new club Paris Saint-Germain to a children’s charity in the French capital.
The British sports icon confirmed mounting speculation he is heading to France on Thursday, announcing he will be joining the Paris-based team for five months.
At a press conference in the city, Beckham said he will be leaving his wife, former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham, and their four children behind in Britain so his kids can attend school in London.
He also said he is “excited” to be joining Paris Saint-Germain and made the surprising announcement that he has decided to donate his club wages to a French children’s charity.
Beckham has not yet decided which charity will receive the money and insisted his salary details have not been confirmed with club bosses, so he was unable to give specific details of the amount the organization will get.
He says, “It’s something for the guys (club bosses) to decide but obviously it’s a very good figure and like I said, that’s one thing that we are very excited about – to be able to give a huge sum to a children’s charity in Paris is special.”