Davies Suspects Shooting Was Assassination Attempt

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October 26, 2010 | 11:20am EST

The Kinks legend Ray Davies is convinced his shooting in 2004 was an attempted assassination by a hitman – because he received a death threat days before the incident.
The Waterloo Sunset singer was shot in the leg in January 2004 as he chased after a thief who had snatched a purse in a street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Officials treated the incident as a robbery gone wrong – but Davies has now revealed he’s certain he was deliberately targeted as he received a death threat two days before the shooting.

He is also suspicious that the gunman was dressed inappropriately for the neighborhood where the shooting happened – and has hinted he will reveal the full truth behind the incident in his upcoming book about his time in Louisiana.

Davies tells Uncut magazine, “It’s not tough (to chase after a gunman), it’s foolish. Foolish. Foolish. What I’m trying to get to is the reason why it happened. The real reason. There was a lot going on at that time… Particularly as two days before it happened, somebody threatened to have me killed.”

Asked if he believes it was a contract killing, Davies adds, “No. They don’t do it that way. It’s just, ‘Will you shoot this guy for me if I give you some drugs?’

“That guy should not have been walking down that street. I’ve walked down that street a thousand times and you don’t see people dressed that way. He was dressed like 50 Cent. It was the wrong neighborhood for him to be walking in… Read the book when it comes out.”