Demi Lovato Praises Mum For Opening Up About Depression

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December 11, 2013 | 3:55am EST

Demi Lovato has praised her mother Dianna De La Garza for opening up about her own struggle with an eating disorder and severe depression.
The Heart Attack hitmaker spent time in rehab in 2010 and 2011 in order to deal with her addiction to drugs, as well as bulimia and depression, and in an interview with Access Hollywood on Tuesday, her mum revealed revealed she was also haunted by similar personal demons.
In the interview, De La Garza reveals, “The issue I had was definitely a mental health issue and I also had to get help for my struggles as well as she did and then once I did, we became closer as mother and daughter, and we also became well as a family.
“I had issues I needed to work on as well because I wasn’t setting a good example for her. I had a terrible eating disorder that I had for many, many years and I didn’t realize it and I had to face up to the fact that I was suffering as well.
“And a lot of what Demi went through with an eating disorder had to do with what she had seen growing up and I also had severe depression and I ended up asking for help actually they did an intervention with me and said, ‘Mom, you need to get help.'”
After the interview aired, Lovato took to to praise her mum’s courage, writing, “I’m so proud of my momma DiannaDeLaGarza for being open and honest about her struggles and how she overcame them…
“I told you she was my hero. There aren’t many parents speaking out about how they got through a time when their child was spiraling out of control and how she was able to set an example for parents everywhere by dealing with issues of her own and what she went through… I love you mom and I’m so proud of you.”
De La Garza then replied to her 21-year-old daughter, adding, “I learned to be brave… from YOU. YOU went first. I’m just following in your footsteps. I love you.”