Depardieu Caught Short On Plane

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August 17, 2011 | 9:20pm EST

French actor Gerard Depardieu stunned passengers on a plane bound for Ireland on Tuesday evening when he allegedly relieved himself into a bottle and accidentally splashed urine on a carpet after a steward told him the toilet could not be used.
The 62-year-old star boarded the City Jet flight from Paris to Dublin but was caught short when it was delayed on the runway.

He was told by the cabin crew that passengers were not allowed to visit the bathroom until after take-off – so he allegedly urinated in an empty bottle towards the rear of the plane.

Unfortunately a little urine splashed onto the floor, prompting the plane’s pilot to taxi back to the terminal so the aircraft could be cleaned. The flight was delayed for a further two hours.

Reports suggest Depardieu was travelling with fellow French actor Edouard Baer, who has insisted the Green Card star had an “irrepressible need” to relieve himself and did so as discreetly as possible.

But an outraged female passenger on the flight has told France’s Europe 1 radio network, “Mr Depardieu got up, calling out, ‘I need to p**s, I need to p**s’.

“The air hostess replied, ‘I am sorry, you’ll have to wait 15 minutes until we are in the air, everyone is strapped in, the lavatories are shut, I can do nothing for you…’ He could’ve waited a couple of minutes.”

City Jet officials have confirmed that an incident took place onboard the plane but declined to name the individual involved.

A tweet from the airline company reads, “As you may have seen on the news, we are busy mopping the floor of one of our planes.”

Depardieu has yet to comment about the incident.