DiCaprio Pays Tribute To Titanic’s Stuart

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September 28, 2010 | 4:00am EST

Leonardo DiCaprio has paid a touching tribute to his Titanic co-star Gloria Stuart, who died at the age of 100 on Sunday.
Stuart, who played the elderly version of Kate Winslet’s character Rose in the 1997 movie, passed away at her Los Angeles home following years of ill health.

DiCaprio has released a statement marking Stuart’s career, speaking of his “honour” at working alongside the veteran actress.

He says, “Gloria Stuart was a force both on and off screen. An amazingly sweet person, a fantastic actress, and someone who always fought for what she believed in.

“She was one of the last great actresses from the Golden era of Hollywood. I was honoured to have worked alongside her. She will be missed.”

Winslet has already released her own statement, speaking of her sadness over the death of a “remarkable woman”.