Diddy Needs Tea And Pills To Sleep

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June 10, 2010 | 2:45pm EST

Rap mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ one-time boast that he only needed three hours of sleep a night has turned into a huge problem for the hitmaker and entrepreneur – now he struggles to nod off.
Diddy, 40, used to fill his days with work and parties, but age has caught up with him and now he needs his beauty sleep – but he struggles to shut his active mind off at night.

In an exclusive interview with TV news show Nightline, which will air on Thursday night, he explains, “I was proud of working 18 hours a day and sleeping three hours a night, but it’s something now that has turned into a problem for me: not being able to sleep, having insomnia.

“I take sleeping pills. I don’t like to take them on a regular basis. Or (I drink) different teas and lavender. I try everything, you know.

“My mind is always racing, and always going and always working, and it’s a gift and a curse. When I was starting out it was something I embraced, but now it’s something that I hate… It will torture you.”