Dionne Warwick Lives On The Breadline

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March 27, 2013 | 8:26am EST

Dionne Warwick’s financial situation is so dire, the bankrupt singer is left with just $10 a month from her income as she struggles to pay off her $10.7 million debt.
The 72-year-old star filed for bankruptcy last week after running up huge bills, and now the details of her finances have been revealed in court papers which were lodged as part of the case.
The documents, filed with Bankruptcy Court in Newark, New Jersey, state Warwick’s average monthly income as $20,950 and her monthly expenses as $20,940, leaving her just $10 in disposable cash once her bills have been paid.
Warwick pays around $5,000 a month for her home in New Jersey, and she lists her assets as two fur coats, two pairs of diamond earrings, paintings and a two-year-old laptop computer.
The majority of her $10.7 million debt is owed to tax officials. She is also said to owe a former manager around $500,000 and to have run up $20,000 on a credit card.