Dion’s Emotional Turmoil After Twins Birth

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January 7, 2011 | 4:10am EST

Celine Dion suffered mood swings, fatigue and a loss of appetite following the birth of her twins last year.
The pop star welcomed little Nelson and Eddy at a hospital in Florida in October after a long struggle to conceive with her husband Rene Angelil.

The My Heart Will Go On hitmaker admits she was overjoyed to be a mother again, but she suffered a number of worrying symptoms after the birth – and she’s glad her own mum Therese was around to reassure her.

She tells French magazine Gala, “Some of the first days after I came home, I was a little outside myself. I had no appetite and that bothered me. My mother remarked that she noticed I had moments of lifelessness, but reassured me that this was entirely normal.

“One moment, tremendous happiness; the next, fatigue sets in, and I cried for no reason, and then that took care of itself. It’s for things like that after having a baby that mothers really need emotional support.”