Dominic West Cancels Plans After Children Run Wild

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January 23, 2014 | 11:24am EST

British actor Dominic West had to cancel a TV interview this month after his two young sons escaped from home and ran wild around his London neighborhood.
The Wire star had to axe a morning work commitment following a terrifying incident involving his two young sons, aged four and five, who sneaked out of the house in the early hours.
West reveals he flew into a panic when he heard the front door close as the boys left, and he ended up running around the Shepherd’s Bush neighborhood semi-naked in the dark in a bid to catch up with them.
He tells Britain’s The Times newspaper, “We were lying in bed, about 6am and we heard the front door close. My boys, they are four and five, had for some reason gone on a mission, they were armed to the teeth with swords. So I was on the street in my underpants trying to get them back.”
The boys were returned home uninjured, and West admits his sons are simply adventurous characters, adding, “It’s going to be a good 10 years of this, I’d say, with those guys.”