Douglas’ Lawyer Tells Ex-wife To ‘move On’

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August 25, 2010 | 7:40am EST

A lawyer representing Michael Douglas unleashed a scathing attack on the actor’s ex-wife Diandra at a court hearing on Tuesday – urging her to “move on” and stop calling herself “Mrs. Douglas”.

Diandra, who split from the actor in 2000, has taken legal action against her former spouse seeking a share of his pay cheque from upcoming movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

She claims her divorce deal entitles her to half her ex-husband’s salary from projects he worked on during their marriage, and any possible “spin-offs” of his previous films, including the original 1987 Wall Street.

The case went to court in New York on Tuesday and Douglas’ attorney, Marilyn Chinitz, argued that Diandra hasn’t been married to the Hollywood star for 10 years and therefore has no right to claim half her ex-husband’s money from the new film.

Chinitz told the court, “It’s time for Mrs. Douglas to move on. When does it stop? Diandra Douglas calls herself Mrs. Douglas, but she’s not Mrs. Michael Douglas.”

A lawyer for Diandra, Nancy Chemtob, referenced a line from Wall Street in which Douglas’ Gordon Gekko character famously says, “Greed is good”.

She told the court, “Greed is about somebody who doesn’t want to pay taxes and doesn’t want to pay his spouse.”

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper delayed ruling on the case.