Duhamel Hates Kissing Fergie In Front Of Thousands On New Year’s Eve

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December 30, 2011 | 7:00pm EST

Movie star Josh Duhamel secretly dreads the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve – because he always has to get up onstage somewhere and kiss his wife FERGIE in front of thousands.
The private star admits he’s not a big fan of public displays of affection, but he has little choice but to smooch in front of fans as the New Year starts – because Fergie’s usually performing somewhere with her band the Black Eyed Peas, and he has to make the most of the moment.

He explains, “Since I’ve been with Fergs there’s always something to do – they’re doing some gig somewhere… starting at midnight, so I usually end up tagging along.

“She’s more ‘out there’ than me; she was born to be a performer… so it’s a bit of a dilemma for me because she’s out onstage in front of all these people and, at New Year’s, she has to give somebody a kiss, so I’m in this predicament, like, ‘Do I really have to go out onstage and give her a kiss? I wanna give her a kiss but I don’t wanna do it in front of everyone…’ So this is like our thing every year.

“We had a bit of a conversation about it and I imagine I’ll be going out onstage and giving her a kiss (this year).”

Fergie will be part of the 1oak launch party at the Mirage in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.