Ed Sheeran Wrote Bond Movie Theme ‘three Years Ago’

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December 17, 2017 | 6:25pm EST

Ed Sheeran wrote a James Bond movie song three years ago, and is ready and waiting to be asked to use it.
The singer is keen to join the likes of Shirley Bassey, Adele and Sam Smith, who have sung over the opening credits of the movie.
The as-yet-untitled next Bond film will be released in November 2019, and will see Daniel Craig return to play the iconic British spy.
And Ed revealed to Ireland’s The Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy he has a track written in preparation.
“With Bond, I’ve had a theme tune written for about three years, just in case,” he said on the show on Friday, but said he was keeping quiet about the title of the track “because someone might steal it”.
“But it’s good, it’s good,” he added.
Being prepared for a big moment in his career seems to work for The Shape of You hitmaker, as he discussed how he had a track ready and waiting when he worked with Eminem for the rapper’s new album Revival.
“I just recently did a song with one of my all time heroes Eminem, and when we did a song together I already had the song planned, because I was like if ever I work with Eminem I’ve got this song,” the 26-year-old explained.
“So it’s the same with Bond… If ever I’m called, I’ll be like, ‘Right, here you go.'”
Ed spoke about wanting to do the Bond theme earlier this year, and said: “I don’t think anyone would say no to that. That’s definitely something I would do.”
However, he was disappointed to learn that a number of artists are asked to submit songs for the movie, and only one is picked.
“I think I wouldn’t wanna put like loads and loads of time and effort into a song that was like, part of like five different people going up for it,” he added.