Eisenberg Taking Play To The Philippines

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November 30, 2011 | 2:20pm EST

Actor Jesse Eisenberg is set to take his critically-acclaimed Off-Broadway play Asuncion to Southeast Asia.
The Social Network star wrote and appears in the comedic production alongside The Hangover’s Justin Bartha, and Eisenberg reveals the global-themed show has attracted so much attention from Filipino audiences, the entire cast has been invited to stage the play there in 2013.

Speaking about the production, he says, “It’s about these two guys and we are roommates and we think we know a lot about the world. He’s getting his PhD (doctorate degree) in Black Studies and I went to Cambodia for two days and so the two of us think we have a handle on class and race and culture and politics. And then this girl, she’s from the Philippines, she’s delivered to us, and she has to stay with us for a week and all of our kind of ignorance and naivety about the world is uncovered.

“The central character in it is this Filipino girl. And I didn’t even realize this, but of course in retrospect it makes sense, a lot of people from the Philippines are interested in the play and so they offered us to do it in, like, 2013. That’s been the most exciting thing to come of this.”

Asuncion is currently being staged at New York City’s Cherry Lane Theater until 18 December.