Elizabeth Vargas Re-enters Rehab

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August 18, 2014 | 3:55am EST

Top newswoman Elizabeth Vargas has checked into a rehab centre for the second time in a year to receive treatment for alcohol addiction.
The co-anchor of news show 20/20 completed a one-month stint in a medical facility last November to tackle her issues with alcohol abuse, and Vargas decided to re-enter rehab again on Saturday while in vacation in California.
Vargas announced her return to an addiction program in a statement to The News Sunday which reads, “While on vacation this weekend, I decided to return to a recovery center. As so many other recovering alcoholics know, overcoming the disease can be a long and incredibly difficult process.
“I feel I have let myself, my co-workers and most importantly my family down and for that I am ashamed and sorry. I am committed to battling and addressing this debilitating disease and want to thank everyone who has offered their unwavering support during this trying time.”
Vargas is reportedly separated from her singer/songwriter husband Marc Cohn, who previously denied reports suggesting he cheated on his wife while she was in rehab. The couple has two young sons.