Ellis-Bextor Writes Song For ‘stalker’

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July 15, 2010 | 11:00am EST

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has dedicated a new track to the “stalker” who bombards her with mystery texts.

The British singer has no idea who sends her hundreds of anonymous messages, but she insists she doesn’t feel threatened – because she’s not convinced the sender knows he’s contacting a singer.

Ellis-Bextor says “The song’s about my text stalker. It’s quite harmless, I think. It’s normally fairly innocuous things and jokes and stuff like that. I got one on my way to work one day and so when I arrived we decided to write a song about it.

“It’s called Dial My Number and it’s actually the song I’ve been opening my set with at the moment. I never respond so they don’t know that I’m receiving it. People say, ‘But surely now you’ve written a song, they will know!’ But they could be texting someone else. It hasn’t been confirmed that it’s me they’re texting. They don’t seem to know where I live.”